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Lady Gaga, The Illuminati Puppet

The symbolism encompassing Lady Gaga is blatant to the point that one may think about whether it’s every one of the debilitated jokes. Illuminati symbolism is turning out to be clear to the point that investigates as this one turns into a straightforward practice of indicating out the self-evident. Her entire persona (whether its a demonstration or not) is a tribute to mind control, where being vacuous, mixed up and preoccupied turns into a fine thing.
Her Name
Gaga is a term that quickly alludes to distractedness. Here are a few equivalent words are taken from a thesaurus:
Given to carefree outlandishness: dim-witted, featherbrained, unpredictable, negligible, foamy, wired, idiotic, cheerful, bird-brained, senseless. Slang scatterbrained, mixed up.
Beset with or displaying unreasonableness and mental unsoundness: brainsick, insane, silly, hysterical, scattered, troubled, dotty, crazy, neurotic, frantic, lunatic, twisted, rationally sick, moonstruck, off, touched, unequal, unsound, off-base. My buddy over at moving Roswell is totally against anything lady Gaga!
“Gaga” is likely the most straightforward word to say in the English dialect, as it is frequently the superior sound radiated by infants attempting to mirror discourse. So her name fundamentally says: Continue reading 

The Illuminati

The notorious ‘Illuminati’ are a secret society, formed on the 1st of May 1776. It was said to have been formed by the mastermind Adam Weishaupt and was intended for the worlds ‘enlightened’ population to take over due to power in wealth and knowledge. In today’s world, we know the minimum about this low profile dominant group lying dormant in our world and have no idea of its planned capabilities.

The powerful Illuminati have been argued by many famous writers to have been causes of the world’s main events, such as the ongoing credit crunch crisis or the UK PRI ministerial elections. They simply have so much power they can do whatever they want, according to my friend at¬†One of the most interesting facts about these people is that they are on the rise again, and are coming to power without fear this time, and with bias events in the world happening in their favor such as the USA presidential election, the Illuminati can control the United States from within, and even the world.

Why are some celebrities more successful than others? Some of the most successful people to me are not always that talented. Did they pass some secret test, were they Continue reading