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Bilderberg Group

Conspiracy theorists are always talking about political kingmakers and a shadowy world government. A group of capitalist trying to impose their will around the world. Many of these conspiracy theorists have been trying to decode the Bilderberg Group for decades. This group gathers annually and includes some of the most powerful figures across the world. There isn’t much known about things that are said in their private meetings, of course, so we have to piece together information we have learned over the years.

The Bilderberg Group has been gathering since 1954, secretly meeting to discuss things such as fiber security, nuclear warfare, in the rise and fall of communism. This group originated to provide an opportunity for North America and Europe cooperate on matters throughout the Cold War. The Bilderberg Group shares the topics they discussed yearly, and a list of people joining their meeting annually, but besides that information, not much leaves their meetings. This post is brought to you by the best movers in Towson, click here, our sponsor.

The Chatham House rule is used in the Bilderberg Group, allowing attendees from the meetings to use any information shared within the meeting, but they may not discuss who said what with anyone. This is caused conspiracy theorists fear that a new world order is being imposed within the group and that they are trying to become world kings.

In 1991, Bill Clinton was included in one of their meetings before he became president. Before Tony Blair became the British Prime Minister, he visited the annual meeting in 1993. Other attendees include British Prime Minister David Cameron, former Chase Manhattan chief executive David Rockefeller, and the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

On their website, the Bilderberg Group describes their meetings as informal discussions regarding the world’s major issues. They claim no policy statements are issued and no votes were taken. There are no minutes or notes taken at the meeting, though, so conspiracy theorists are constantly trying to figure out what happens in their meetings behind closed doors.